Minority Report Editorial – Culture Magazine 2014 Yearbook

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Luis Murphy

Hair by

Kevin Murphy, Natalie Morgan, Tim Mcclean, Ali Batista, Joseph Gossen, Tim Abney

Hair Assistants: Robert Barcelo, Ahou Mofid, Jenny Calderon

Producer: Debbie Bacher – Global Gypsy Productions

Stylist: Jessica Willis @Atelier Management LA

Make Up: Nellie Kim @Atelier Management LA


Denise, Kendal & Katherine @ LA Models

Trent G @LA Models, Nick @Q Models, Kale @HMM



KEVIN.MURPHY Campaign Shoot Behind The Scenes

DSC_0015 copyIt’s always fun to cover behind the scenes at KEVIN.MURPHY campaign shoots. I always come back feeling very inspired after seeing Kevin Murphy and his team work their magic. This year once again, the campaign was shot by master photographer Robert Erdmann.  Unfortunately, since the campaign is not out yet I can only show you limited photos. But stay tuned to this blog as I’ll be posting more photos as Kevin permits me.


This year the campaign was shot in Adelaide, Australia at Aldinga beach. Here is a photo of Brazilian model Diego braving the elements just to get the right shot.

This is Jordan Barrett if his face looks familiar is because he was a part of the KEVIN.MURPHY campaign two years ago.  Here he is a couple of years older and growing into his model looks.  Look out for this young man in the future I think his career is going to skyrocket!

More photos coming soon so stay tuned to this blog!

Luis Murphy

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